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Deployment Of Prometheus S-500 By Russia

In 2016, the Russia will begin to launch  giant and advanced weapon. It’ll be the S-500 Prometheus and it was said by the chief of the Russian Air Forces.


New addition to the ranks planned for 2016 is S-500, a state-of-the-art long-range air defense system developed by Almaz Antei, Bondarev said. The producer is finalizing new missiles for the system, which would have advanced homing electronics. “The missiles will have a build-in intelligence system, which will analyze the aerial and radar environment and take decisions about its altitude, speed and direction of the flight,” the general said.

S-500 is an advanced version of S-400 with dedicated components designed to intercept ballistic missiles at a height of up to 200 km. The system is expected to be able to shut down up to 10 incoming ballistic missiles simultaneously. It also has an extended radar range compared to S-400. Since it is still in development, little is known about the S-500 system. The system is expected to be capable of simultaneous engagement with up to 10 targets at a maximum range of 600 km. The S-400 can only handle a maximum of six targets up to a range of 400 km.2 The S-500’s interceptors will operate at an altitude higher than 185 km. The system will have a response time of about three to four seconds, which is considerably shorter than the S-400 which is rated at nine to ten seconds.

Two new missiles have been designed for the S-500 (and the S-400): the 77N6-N and the 77N6-N1. They were reported to be capable of direct engagement with targets flying at hyper-sonic speeds (seven kilometers per second). However, it is not clear when the 77N6-N and the 77N6-N1 enter service given that facilities for their production have yet to be built. According to information given by former Chief Designer and General Director of the Almaz-Antey corporation Igor Ashurbeili in 2011, the S-500’s replacement will be air-based and is “already being developed and tested.”

Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said: “Work is underway to create a new fifth-generation air defence system S-500 which can destroy aerodynamic and ballistic targets of all types at all altitudes used in combat.”

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