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Are you a fan of home projector setups and projector displays? Do you need your children to have amusing with projectors, too? Then you’ll be specially interested in Cinemood’s new project. Cinemood has introduced its intent to produce a very thrilling new customer assignment entrant at events charlotte nc. The Cinemood pocket projector includes over one hundred twenty-hours videos and stories, and built-in access to YouTube and Netflix let you to get multimedia content effectively.

Cinemood Pocket Projector Design

This is a properly-designed and flexible mini projector that measures 3.14 x 3.14 x 3.14 inches and weighs 0.5 lbs. As proven in the snap shots, the projector sports activities a light-weight, compact cubic form issue so you can effortlessly take it with you for any journey. In the meantime, the smooth edges deliver a child-friendly look design.


Cinemood Pocket Projector Features

The Pocket projector can play 1080p HD videos at a display size of 12′ (150″), and its soft lumen light prevents kids’s eye strain. The projector carries over 65 preloaded Disney ebooks and videos, and more than 120 hours of preloaded amusement, so you can effortlessly access to the multimedia content without having to connect it with some other devices or the net. Moreover, it also capabilities built-in access to Netflix and YouTube that allows you to directly undertaking content from the 2 services.

The use of integrated WiFi and Bluetooth tech, it also wirelessly connects along with your smartphone or tablet and convey your personal content to the huge screen. Its custom app allows you to remotely control it comfortably. In addition, its rechargeable battery gives as much as 5 hours of protection on a single charge.

Cinemood Pocket Projector Price

Cinemood pocket projector is priced at $356.94 USD. If you are really interested in this pocket projector and really want to grab it, then jump on Amazon for its more details.