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Lyra Smart Bike With GPS And Integrated Lightning

Cyclists love numbers, sometimes you want hard numbers that tell how well your bike is performing. You want to know that you were faster than last week; you want to know the exact co-ordinates of where a thief has hustled your steed, and you want metrics about speed per mile. If you really tend to ride your bike like this then you may be interested in a new Lyra smart bike which has been created by a team based in San Francisco.

The Lyra smart bike is probably cleverer than you are. This e-bike incorporates several trackers that pair with an app, including a mile tracker, theft technology, lights you can control with an app.


Lyra Smart Bike Features

Lyra e-bike features an integrated GPS that pairs with a smartphone, enabling owners to keep track of their bikes if they get separated from it. This smart bike is still an entirely human-powered bike — there are no motors to give you a speed boost or help you get up that last hill. But it does have integrated lights system built directly into the frame of the bike to offer what the company claims is ‘nearly 360-degrees’ of the visibility.

The light battery has a pop-out feature and comes with a micro-USB cable for easy charging. Addtionally, the company claims that one charge can last the battery one month of active use. That means there is no tethering for you to worry about controlling, and the removable, USB-chargeable battery means you don’t have to plug your bike into the wall.

Lyra Smart Bike Price

If you are interested in this e-bike you can purchase a Lyra frame and fork through Mission Bicycle Company’s Kickstarter page for $500, with full bicycles starting at $1000. It is just shipped in the US at the moment, but company hopes to make it generally available in January next year.