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How To Perform Recycle Bin Recovery After Empty?

When files deleted or emptied the recycle bin either accidentally or intentionally, the deleted files are not gone permanently from your computer. Your operating system doesn’t completely erase files right after they were deleted. Actually, the space freed is marked as available, but the files are still there somewhere. That is why after the files were deleted you have to really act as fast as possible before they get overwritten.

If you don’t empty the recycle bin, so you can easily retrieve back your files and data by right clicking on the file and then click the “Restore”. It will take only a few minutes and you can get your data back. But what if Recycle Bin has been emptied? And the question arises in your mind that is it possible to do recycle bin recovery?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

So, the answer is yes, there is no need to wonder how to recover deleted files from emptied recycle bin on windows. It is quite easier and simpler with recovery software. But now another question arises, which software should I use? I highly recommend you to use the EaseUS Data Recover Wizard because it is easy-to-use and recover your data easily and quickly.

This program does not only offer you recycle bin recovery, but it is also capable to restore data for sudden deletion, formatting, virus attack, hard drive failure, system crash, memory card recovery, USB recovery and much more.

Steps for restoring deleted files from emptied recycle bin

Step 1

At the foremost step, you have to install the EaseUS data recovery wizard on your PC or laptop. Once the installation has completed, launch the program and then select the location where you lost data. After selecting location click the “Scan” button in order to further process.


Step 2

When you click the “Scan” button, the program will start a quick scan and find your lost files. It does not take too much time, after completing the quick scan; a deep scan will automatically start. The deep scan will provide you more lost files, as the name suggested it goes deeper to find out the lost data and it will be longer as compared to the first one. So be patient and don’t interrupt it if not necessary.


Step 3

When scanning process has completed, the recovery software will show you the scanning result. Choose the file that you want to get back and click the “Recover” button and save it.