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How Unified Communications Increases Employee Productivity

Any business – regardless of industry – revolves around a few simple principles. To the outside world, a business must be able to provide products or services that fill a niche or demand that others currently are not addressing. A business must be able to profit in order to stay afloat for a sustained period of time. A business must also know its customers in order to stay on top. Another thing that a business must be able to do effectively is communicate, and special types of communication can help with the three aforementioned principles and more. Hosted unified communications creates more knowledgeable employees and a more connected workforce, and who doesn’t want that? If you are interested in what unified communications can do for your brand, continue reading to find out more.

Unified Communications

How Unified Communications Works

The need for businesses to account for their time and productivity is greater than ever. Without a properly optimized workflow, competitors can slowly but surely gain the upper hand and dominate an industry. Unified communications seeks to ensure that all forms of communication within and outside of the organization are handled in a way that ensures optimal performance and minimal wasted time. To put it simply, unified communications is defined as all of the calls and forms of contact conducted by an employee or employees across all fronts and that pertains to both work and social purposes.

The Concept of Wasted Time

Exactly how much time do your employees waste while at work? The answer may astonish you. It should be said that a lot of this time waste isn’t directly their fault – it’s due to the lack of a streamlined work force built around unified communications! Over 60 percent of workers admit to wasting at least one-half hour per day of their own choosing, but the amount of time wasted due to lack of efficiency is much, much more. It is reported that up to 40 percent of an average employee’s work day is wasted due to individuals trying to contact one another in the company through one medium or another. This is simply unacceptable, and a key part of why hosted unified communications is becoming so popular.

Time = Money

The overall goal of unified communications is to eliminate these unnecessary time-wasting components from the day by streamlining communication efforts and documenting every single minute of an employee’s day. When all forms of communication are handled within a single, uniform interface, it is far easier to manage time and determine where money is being lost. Most companies seeking a unified communications solution will resort to cloud hosting through Masergy or a similar service. Once implemented, managers can begin tracking each employee’s productivity while automatically saving time and money from the start!


Hosted unified communications is all about saving time and money while producing more efficient employees. It’s not just about saving time and money, though: it’s about improving the overall work experience. As businesses continue to struggle against the grain of the economy, implementing solutions like these that work may make the difference between sinking and swimming.