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GIGABYTE Releases Its Newest 2U HPC Server Supporting 8 Computing Cards

GIGABYTE Technology, a leading creator of high performance server hardware, is happy to announce today the release of its G250-S88, the refresh of its GS-R22PHL based on the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3 platform.

GIGABYTE Releases Its Newest 2U HPC Server

Next Gen Platform
This new HPC server keeps the original concept of the GS-R22PHL: a standard 2U rackmount housing a single central node and 4 side slots capable of receiving up to 8 double slot computing cards. The central node has been updated with two 2011-3 sockets supporting the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3 processors, and with 24 memory DIMMS (16 DIMMs for the GS-R22PHL) supporting the new DDR4 technology.

It still features 8 hot-swappable front-loading HDD/SDD bays supporting SATA III 6Gb/s connections, which can be upgraded to SAS 6Gb/s ones with the addition of an LSI SAS2208 based mezzanine card.

A Single HPC Node With 8 x Computing Cards
The main feature of this product remains its unique ability to receive up to 8 double slot GPGPU or co-processing cards. With 4 lateral trays able to host 2 double slot cards each, the G250-S88 can be fitted with the most powerful computing cards from Intel, NVIDIA or AMD, and opens the door to record computing performance for a single 2U system. Therefore, it is a main contender to accelerate applications in scientific simulation & modeling, engineering, visualization & rendering, data mining, and any other computing intensive programs.

Network Configuration Flexibility
Built with a dual 10Gb/s SFP+ LAN controller, the G250-S88 can receive an additional mezzanine LAN card featuring another dual 10Gb/s controller or a dual 56Gb/s controller. With these options, the network capabilities of the system can be tailored to the needs of its target applications.

Dual 56Gb/s QSFP+ Card Option
– Model: GC-MNXE2
– Mellanox MT27508A1-FCCR-FV controller
– 2 x QSFP+ LAN ports
– Supports Infiniband, Ethernet and Data Center Bridging links
– Virtual Protocol Interconnect
– 1us MPI ping latency
– PCIe Gen3 x8 bandwidth

Dual 10Gb/s SFP+ Card Option
– Model: GC-MNXE20
– Mellanox MT27518A1-FCCR-XE controller
– 2 x SFP+ LAN ports
– Supports Ethernet and Data Center Bridging links
– PCIe Gen3 x8 bandwidth

DDR4 Memory Performance Edge
On Intel’s previous server platforms, by design the maximum supported memory frequency has always been automatically downgraded the more DIMMs were being added on a server motherboard. As this trade-off between performance and capacity represents a dilemma to many memory-hungry server applications, GIGABYTE offers a unique solution. All our motherboards based on the LGA 2011-3 socket support by default a maximum frequency of 2133 MHz in any memory configuration :

Easy BIOS Update
Because updating the version of a BIOS can be a troublesome experience, GIGABYTE has developed an integrated function (no utility to install) that lets you update the BIOS of your system(s) :

  • Without having to install CPU(s), memory, drives, operating system, etc.
  • Without having to power on the system (but a power supply must be installed and connected to an outlet)
  • One board at a time via our standard IPMI 2.0 web interface
  • Multiple boards simultaneously via command line