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Drevo BladeMaster Pro wireless mechanical keyboard is ideal for gaming and office work

Gamers fans who’s searching for a new keyboard may be inquisitive about the DREVO BladeMaster, created to offer the ultimate keyboard complete with a programmable knob. The wireless Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard is prepared with a 4000 mAh, cloud software program, on-board memory and is completely well matched with each computer and Mac systems and gives 8 exceptional layouts.

Drevo BladeMaster Pro Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Design

The Drevo BladeMaster seasoned is a high-overall performance wireless mechanical keyboard that measures 369 x 136 x 45mm and weighs around 920g. As we are able to see from the images, the keyboard has a graceful and compact form factor, and the entire steel design not best offers improved sturdiness and stability, but additionally supplies a top class experience.


Drevo BladeMaster Pro Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Features

The compact keyboard comes ready with 87/88 keys with Cherry MX RGB switches with 4 options inclusive of pink, brown, black and speed silver in an effort to offer a customizable and comfy typing experience. Moreover, the keyboard functions a programmable knob that can act four unique input instructions by rotating it forward/backward or making single-click/double-click. Of course, you could additionally assign any commands to any keys. The usage of its custom application, you can also personalize the 360-degree lateral center embedded light bands and every key backlit.

Moreover, the mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and it’s capable of connecting with three devices at the sane time. In addition, 8 optional layouts in different languages allow it to fit for every user around the world. Built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 64 hours of usage between charges.

Drevo BladeMaster Pro Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Price

The team behind BladeMaster Pro is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $99 to preorder the wireless mechanical keyboard (BladeMaster TE wired version with Gateron switches for $69). Both models will be shipped in August 2018. Still want more efficient than this, then the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is the only one that’s just right, revealed at technology show london.