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Chronos Is A Sleek, Powerful And Compact Gaming PC

Origin PC launched its new Chronos small form factor (SFF) gaming PCs. This is a sleek, powerful and compact gaming PC which comes in a dizzying array of configuration options.

Chronos Design:

The Chronos comes in a variety of chassis, though none are as sleek or attractive as the console like SilverStone case that Origin used to build our unit. This slim, little tower is begging to be put under a TV, sporting a red Origin logo and a curvy, all-black exterior that looks as good standing up as it does laid flat.

Chronos Gaming PC

Chronos Specs:

Origin isn’t the only company with a pint-sized gaming PC. Every PC maker offers a similar rig. But the Origin has successfully out-miniaturized its competition. The Chronos is a tad less than 12 inches tall, 14 inches deep, and just 4 inches wide. The Falcon Northwest Tiki is just slightly taller. Digital Storm’s Bolt is just significantly larger at 18 inches tall, and 15 inches deep. There are of course smaller gaming desktops available, but Origin Chronos is the smallest.

Chronos Features:

The base model includes overclocked Intel Core i7 processor (at 4.7GHz), 8 gigabyte of RAM, a storage combo of 250 gigabyte SSD and a 1 terabyte HDD, plus an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card.

Connectivity is about what you would expect. There are two 3.0 USB ports on the front, alongside headphone and audio jacks. Around back there is a variety of connectivity depending on motherboard you select. In these respects, it is on par with the competition. Small gaming desktops generally do not offer front-facing connectivity beyond a pair of USBs and audio jacks.

Origin PC does not specify baseline prices of the Chronos SFF gaming PCs, but like with all bespoke boutique sys, sky is the limit when it comes to configuration and pricing.