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Chromebook R11 By Acer – Perfect For Students

Acer is back with a new convertible notebook that is almost identical in design, but instead runs Google’s Chrome OS. We spent some time with the new Chromebook R11 during IFA 2015 to bring you with our first impressions of the device. After launching the Aspire R11 Windows notebook earlier this year.


Acer says that the Chromebook R11 should arrive in UK stores in mid October, and will be available starting at £229 for the 16GB model. That makes it particularly ideal for students, and it is also a great device for business people who need to travel frequently and collaborate with colleagues from around the world.

It is reasonably thin for a laptop, at 19.2mm. The downfall is its weight, at 1.25kg, which makes it difficult to hold with one hand when you are using it as a tablet. It’s easy to slip into a backpack or school bag.

Inside the Chromebook R11 is an Intel Celeron processor paired with 4GB RAM, which will do the trick for surfing the web and working on Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online, which is what this laptop is primarily designed for.

That is reasonable, and perfectly good enough for a laptop designed with students and business trips in mind. Using the cloud has many perks, including collaboration and safe back-up of all of your files that could be a life saver if the Chromebook gets lost, broken or stolen.

Acer says that the Chromebook R11 will last for eight hours on one charge, which means it should carry students through the entire school day and business people on their commute. 


The Chromebook R11 are good it has got a brilliant price tag, and is absolutely perfect for anyone who needs slightly more than a tablet can offer them in terms of screen size and the keyboard, but does not want to splash out on a full laptop when they are mainly going to be using it for word processing and browsing the web.

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