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Canopy Case Takes The Apple Magic Keyboard On The Road

A new case for the Apple Magic Keyboard has revealed that makes it easy to carry the keyboard with you on the go and acts as a stand for your iPad at the same time called Canopy. With the Canopy users can take a full size keyboard with them comfortably and with the protection needed for life on the road.

Canopy case Design:

Canopy is made of a dark gray canvas material, a stainless steel clasp, a leather loop, and a super-soft microfiber lining. I can’t get over how well the leather perfectly stands out against the dark gray canvas.

Canopy Magic Keyboard
Canopy case

The Canopy case sells for $40 alone, it doesn’t include the Apple Magic Keyboard. The case is just designed to be very thin and add minimal bulk to the keyboard yet protect the keyboard from damage in your crowded bag and backpack. Canopy supports any device so you can continue to use the case if you upgrade your iPad or with your smartphone in the future.

Once you’ve fastened your Magic Keyboard, you can fold the case up the ‘folio-style and just use the clasp and loop to keep everything locked up tight. When you are ready to do some work, you undo the clasp, flip back the upper two portions of the Canopy and fasten the clasp so it forms a stand for your iPhone, iPad, etc. It connects via Bluetooth and features a canvas exterior with a microfiber interior.

Canopy case Price:

The Canopy case is made by Studio Neat, more known for the cocktail tools that Apple accessories. Canopy will cost $40 and is up for the pre-order now. The company says that it’ll ship in ‘the coming weeks’ and notes that it’s trying to deliver by Christmas, but can not guarantee that the case will arrive in time.