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Bluetooth Desktop By Microsoft Designer – Glamorous Design

Microsoft has decided to spread the love, sprinkling some stardust on its Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set. We all know that producers typically focus on making their ‘hero’ devices as glamorous as possible. It comprises a mighty attractive keyboard and mouse combo. However, Microsoft is guilty of focusing a little too much on beauty over brains.



Functionality & Specialties

The mouse runs on BlueTrack technology, which necessarily means you can use it on virtually anything but clear glass and mirrored surfaces. It is also nice and precise, moving at 1,000 points per inch. Physically speaking, the click-to-click scroll wheel is pleasantly bumpy, and allows you to browse through lengthy documents at a consistent rate.

Its Chiclet-style companion, on the other hand, is slightly more of a crowd-pleaser. As well as a number pad, it includes a row of clearly-labelled media keys, so you can quickly and easily pause, rewind and fast forward music and videos. You can adjust volume and brightness directly through the keyboard, which also characterizes a Print Screen and Start button. Nevertheless, in making the keyboard generous in performance but small in size, Microsoft has had to make a couple of compromises.

First, while the gaps between individual keys are sensible, the various sections of the keyboard are not split up as clearly as we would ideally like. The number pad, while a very welcome addition, lurks off putting-ly close to the main keyboard. It is cramped, and takes some getting used to. It is like your pudding sharing the same plate as your main dinner not the biggest issue in the world but, given the choice, you should keep them further apart.

Setup And Battery Life

The keyboard and mouse play nice with anything running Windows 8 and above, Windows RT 8 and above, Mac OS X 10.10 and above, and Android 4.4 and above, which also supports Bluetooth 4.0. At this point, you need to head into your device’s Bluetooth settings and complete the connection. The same process applies to the keyboard. Easy, lemon squeezy.

The desktop set runs on AAA batteries, of which four are included in the box. The mouse requires two, and the keyboard needs the other two. No microUSB ports and cables here. These are solid figures, and we are sure most users will not feel too aggrieved with having to pick up new batteries twice a year.


A gorgeous and brilliantly-made mouse and keyboard, but limited in terms of specialties.