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Upgrade your iPhone 6s Camera with New Motrr Galileo

Motrr, bringing high design robotics to everyday life, unveils a new mount for iPhone 6. Galileo is an app-driven motorized mount for iPhone and GoPro that rotates smoothly in any direction. App developers have taken advantage of this, via the Galileo SDK, to create innovative apps for automatic face-tracking, programmable pan/tilt time-lapse video, one-touch panoramas and more.

Motrr GalileoGet more out of your iPhone 6’s incredible camera with new mount for Galileo. The Galileo enables you to create pro-level pan/tilt 360 degree videos in a fun, easy, and cost-effective way. The iPhone 6 mount was designed so that the phone can be inserted in either direction to provide access to the lightning port for extended use and position the lens at the no-parallax point. Learn more at

“Apple’s iPhone continues to grow as the digital camera choice among consumers, and we are constantly expanding our partnerships with app developers to introduce innovative new ways to capture and share content,” says Jasper Eisenberg, Director of Product Management at Motrr in an interview with TechHook. “The new iPhone 6 mount for Galileo combined with the Golem app enables you to connect with friends and family by turning your smartphone into a video calling robot that can be controlled remotely with 360 degrees of movement freedom.” 

Golem runs in the background, so users can use Galileo with video chat software such as Skype or Google Hangouts. The Golem app allows people to remotely control a smartphone connected to Galileo from a web browser, iOS device, or Android phone.

See the iPhone 6 + Galileo in action:

To learn more about Golem and receive a discount code for Galileo, visit

The Motrr Galileo Bluetooth model is available for $149.95. The iPhone 6 mount is now available for $29.95. Download the Golem app for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or access any Golem enabled device directly from your computer.

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