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Huawei P8 – The Ascension Of Technology

The war in the ‘premium’ mid-range segment is ongoing and constantly heating up, as more and more companies are pushing out devices that seem to be vying for notoriety in this new, competitive space.


Asus and Alcatel have been victorious in what they’ve delivered in the Zen-one 2 and One touch Idol 3 respectively, but now it’s Huawei’s turn to show consumers what it can counter with. Fresh off the release of its recent high-end offering in the P8, the company retools the handset to accommodate a significantly more competitive price point of $249.99 outright – a seemingly logical move to keep it in good light with the other options that have already been proven to be successful.

It’s a more compact, all-plastic version of the P8. Looks good, but there’s definitely less of that premium feel. The P8 Lite is undoubtedly staying true to the P8s style by employing the same design language  one that’s notable for its uniformly flush surfaces and ultra-thin profile. It’s obvious it looks exactly like the P8, with the exception that it has a smaller overall footprint, while it’s also thicker, and rocking a plastic body.

The Huawei P8 has some subtle touches of elegance that help differentiate it from the competition, including a smooth glass rectangle section on the back of the phone where the camera sits. n similar fashion, the ports and buttons are located in the same spots as the P8. The left edge of the phone is clean, while the right is home to its volume control, power button, micro.SD slot, and dual micro/nano SIM slots. Over on the top edge, we have its headset jack and noise-cancelling microphone. Finally, the bottom edge is occupied by the micro-USB port, microphone, and internal speaker.

The chiselled curved edges of the P8 are similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6, while the softly textured metal back of the phone echoes that of the iPhone 5. Huawei hasn’t just taken design cues from its rivals though, it’s also followed the trend different colors with ridiculous names. As a result, the 16GB version P8 is available in Mystic Champagne/Titanium Grey, and a 64GB P8 is available in Prestige Gold and the less ludicrous Carbon Black. Colors may vary by territory, though. The power button and volume keys on the right hand side of the P8 are the only physical keys on the P8, and they’re our only real gripe with this phone’s design. The power button is mini-scule and is so close to the volume keys that it’s easy to to hit the wrong button.

The P8’s screen looks good at acute viewing angles and adapts to changing light conditions well, too. This is one particular area where the P8 really impresses, though it’s by no means the only area – it’s a great screen all round.

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