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Google Play Newsstand Is Getting A Redesign

Google has just released a new version of Play Newsstand, its one-stop shop for news, magazines and other written content, with an updated home screen design and a bottom tab bar that replaces the left-side hamburger menu.

Perhaps the biggest change is the aforementioned redesign, that gets rid of the Highlights and Top News streams and replaces them with a series of personalized greetings and the articles that you might find interesting. These fall just under the title ‘Briefing.’

The Briefing section is the new center of Play Newsstand, and it’ll show the top stories for any given moment, as well as top headlines for a number of different topics.

Play Newsstand

The app also includes a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This includes For You, Explore, Library, and Read Later functions. The For You section includes weather and Briefing that I previously mentioned, while the Library includes a Topics & Sources section that will include news from sources that you have selected as well as a Digest section that shows the top three stories from each of your sources and subjects.

Some other notable features of Play Newsstand 4.0 include a search bar that will suggest trending topics, an opt to keep the For You content downloaded for offline reading, and toggles for the Data Saver and autoplaying videos.

This Play Newsstand 4.0 update is quite a bit different from previous version. The personalized greeting with the weather is a nice touch, and navigation bar on the bottom of the screen can make it easier to jump between the different sections of the app. To check out the update for yourself, just keep an eye out for Play Newsstand 4.0 in Play Store.

The update is now available on iOS and Android, and a web version has launched as well.