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Alcatel OneTouch New PIXI 4 Family Smartphones Is Coming Soon

Alcatel OneTouch new PIXI 4 family smartphones reportedly powerful 3.5-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch smartphones to the market under the PIXI 4 brand. The PIXI 4 family smartphone series that offers premium entry-level smartphones with a comprehensive user experience in audio, camera, design and battery life.

On the phone front, you’ll have your choice between 3 different size displays, which include 3.5, 4 and 6-inches variety. Internally, the 3.5-inch phone will have lower specification, though the exact specs are not yet available. The other phones will feature a powerful quad-core processor, and along with the included power-saving features, you are looking at 25 percent longer battery life.


The PIXI 4 family is among the slimmest phones in the entry-level segment. It comes in a rainbow of colors, from cool, candy-colored brights, metallic silver to eye-popping. A wide range of sizes that are sure to fit just about any hand out there.

The 4-inch and 6-inch Pixi 4 family include a front-facing flash that should come in handy when taking selfies in the dark. Due to its sheer size, the new 6-inch Pixi 4 includes software meant to make it easier to use one-handed, though Alcatel did not specify what those features are. In addition, the handset, along with the 7-inch Pixi 4 tablet, includes the ability to view the multiple windows, similar to Samsung’s Multi-Window.

Alcatel didn’t mention when its Pixi 4 family series will be available for purchase, or for how much — we hope that sort of information will arrive in due time.