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Toy Soldiers War Chest – War Of Heroes

Toy Soldiers War Chest is at heart a tower defense game, and sees the series return after a four years gap by bringing its trademark mix of tower defense and 3rd person action game to a new console generation. The main reasons for the games appeal still stand, which is a cleverly wrought blend of genres made with humor and verve, the sort of game that works well for grown up gaming players and for kids.


You control a toy army charged with defending a bedroom base. Wave after wave of infantry and armored vehicles teem from portals on the other side of the map, and it is up to you to wipe them out before they reach and damage your toybox. You place turrets in the available positions on the map, which spit out machine gun fire or anti-armor rounds to mop the invaders up before they reach it.

Enemies killed are converted to cash, and you can spend that cash on building more turrets or on upgrading your existing ones, increasing their range, upping their damage or adding more protection. You can take these out and do your best to wear down enemy positions some levels have them or turn the tide of the battle. What is more, you can keep filling the meter rather than unleash your hero, and spend the points on some tasty bomb barrage instead.

There are two other ways to unlock upgrades. One is to keep plugging away, earning generic in-game tokens then using these to purchase upgrades further up the tree. In fairness, it does not take that long to grind these out of the system, but we are still talking grinding all the same. The other is you guessed it to cough up real money for tokens.


Toy Soldiers War Chest is fun, and there is little wrong with its genre-blending gameplay. The constant switching between turret-management and action gives the game a pace that other console tower defense games often lack, and the whole toy wars theme is really appealing.

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