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Fallen For iOS: Make Storm In Your Head

Fallen, as you might’ve guessed from the name, is a game about falling objects namely colored balls, which drop from the top of the screen down through a pachinko style table before falling onto a dial made up of three different colored surfaces which are red, blue and green.


When it comes to actually putting it into practice, it should be a hectic and ravishing arcade style score chaser but proved to fall way short of all such potential, by summoning up the idea of something similarly ravishing in theory but limp in practice seemed like a corking idea.

To start with, balls fall way too slowly, doddering around in the middle of the board before finally falling onto the dial. At this point, any power ups that fall are somewhat surplus to requirements, but using them is a must given you can only hold one at any time.

As a result, it is entirely possible to go from coasting it through the first 20 balls to all of a sudden finding all your lives have gone in a matter of seconds within the next five. Even if you are still motivated enough to try and best that score straight away, so slow are the opening moments that it is hard to stay engaged long enough to see it through. The whole thing is utterly disjointed.

Your job is to spin that dial around so that the colored balls and colored surfaces on the dial match up upon contact, all done simply by touching two pads one on the left of the screen and one on the right to rotate the disc in each direction.

For a game that promises so much both in terms of concept and in presentation, Fallen feels all the more flat because it never even gets close to reaching that potential. It all serves to prove that a simple idea is not essentially that simple to get right.


Fallen is the perfect example of a game with much promise but poor presentation. Poor pacing means that Fallen never really gets going.

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