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Withings Go: Advanced Affordable Activity Tracker

The Withings Go is an attempt to simplify all of this, by displaying some activity data, without making it overly complicated. It has an always-on E Ink display screen. It provides step-counting and sleep-tracking for days — actually up to 8 months on a single coin cell battery. And Withings, which is in the process of being acquired by Nokia, has made a series of small changes to its mobile health application that make it easier to use than ever.

The Go is a cute little device — a sort of puck-shaped activity tracker that slips into colorful watch bands and clip-on cases. It tracks sleep (yep!), steps (smartphones do that), other activities (same), and it’s water-resistant (admittedly, the Go’s swim tracking sounds like a nice perk). It is quick to set up, easy to use, and the accompanying app is easy on the eyes.

It can auto-detect your daily workout of choice from common activities like jogging and swimming. Withings’ latest is but a small, circular sensor which can be popped out and placed into either a traditional watch form factor or a pedometer-like clip.

The Withings Go Watch is stocked with circular, monochromatic e-ink screen that runs about an inch from end to end. This display is bigger with a band of white bezel, but it hides itself once you slip it into one of the provided encasings.

withings GO watch

The Withings Watch won’t record other types of exercises, like spin classes or weight training or yoga, but again, that is to be expected from this category of tracker. It is easy enough to manually log an activity in the Withings mobile application, by tapping a blue plus button in the upper quadrant of the app’s home screen. Within the “Activity” tab, there are more than 35 different types of daily activities you can log.