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Wireless P5 Headphone By Bowers & Wilkins – Incredible Sound Quality

B&W has been rather slow to adopt Bluetooth wireless audio. The T7 Bluetooth speaker was the company’s first foray into the standard, having launched in January this year, but the result was both fantastic looking and excellent sounding. On the surface, the P5 Wireless does not look drastically different to Bowers & Wilkins’ P5 series 2 sans a cable, which in itself is no bad thing. You get the same supple sheep leather ear-pads that made the P5 extremely comfy.


Silver accents on the ear-cup backing with brushed metal Bowers & Wilkins logos look the part too. Combined, the P5 Wireless is a seriously classy-looking pair of headphones. The ear-cups slide up and down aluminium rails, so it was easy to find a height adjustment that felt comfy.

The ear-pads are secured with magnets and can easily be popped off, which you will need to do if you want to connect the included 3.5-mm wired cable. This lets you carry on listening even when the built-in battery has run out of juice, or connect the headphones to wired devices that lack Bluetooth.

The P5 Wireless supports Bluetooth 4.1, with the less-lossy aptX codec, so you aren’t sacrificing sound quality to cut the cord. Battery life while used over Bluetooth is a fantastic 17 hours as well. A luxurious padded travel case is contained, too, which is handy for stowing the headphones and any cables. It is a seriously fancy travel case that matches the headphones for classiness.


  • Headphones sub-type: On-ear wireless
  • Headphones driver: Closed
  • Active noise-cancelling: No
  • Power source: Li-ion battery
  • Headphones sensitivity: 109dB
  • Frequency response: 10-20,000Hz
  • Headphones Resistance: 22 ohms
  • Plug type: 3.5mm headset jack plug
  • Inline volume: Yes
  • Weight: 213g
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Accessories: 3.5mm cable, soft carry pouch
  • Warranty: One year RTB

The P5’s signature sound has been retained along with the overall design, as the Wireless has the same 40mm drivers that produce a delightfully crisp sound. There is just enough warmth from the lower frequencies, which are still well controlled and avoid dominating the mix. Charging is handled over Micro USB, so chances are you might be able to use your smartphone or tablet’s power adapter saving you needlessly carrying extra chargers while you are travelling.


They are supremely well-built with a fantastic design and luxurious feel. You will just need deep pockets to afford them as, at £330 and £80 more than the P5, they are undoubtedly pricey.

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