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Totm+Travl Bluetooth Apple Watch Charging Dock Using IFTTT

Apple Watch proprietors looking for a convenient manner to price their smart wrist-worn wearable during the night time or at the same time as faraway from the grid can be interested by a new wooden Apple Watch Dock and portable charger which has been created by Padawanlab.

Totm+Travl Bluetooth Apple Watch Charging Dock Design

The Totm+Travl is an progressive, app-enabled smart Apple Watch charger that works with both 38mm and 42mm models from all Apple Watch collection. As we are able to see from the photos, the Apple Watch charging stand functions a minimal and smooth appearance layout, and the compact, cylindrical shape thing lets in you to keep it to your bag for clean carrying. Meanwhile, the charging stand is constructed from a unique block of wood and sanded by using hand and treated with a herbal oil and wax so as to deliver a long lasting construction, excellent wooden grain and a clean and exceptional contact.


Totm+Travl Bluetooth Apple Watch Charging Dock Features

The Apple Watch charging dock includes two parts: Totm and Travl. The upper Totm functions integrated cable organizer that maintains your Apple Watch’s overlong charging cable hidden in area and it supports Apple Watch’s NightStand mode for easy to view all through charging. The Travl functions integrated energy financial institution that gives up to 1 week of charge, and its Dynamic variety feature presents a more efficient manner to charge it.

The Apple Watch dock additionally functions built-in Bluetooth tech that permits it to wirelessly hook up with your iPhone, and its custom app will remind you to charge your watch based at the popularity of the battery existence. You can additionally take a look at the battery stage of the charger.

More importantly, as a smart dock, Totm+Travl can engage with other smart home gadgets by using plugging your watch, charge ends and unplugging the Watch. Using IFTTT you could create diverse interactions with the stand and different devices, as an instance, whilst you unplug your watch from the dock, it’ll mechanically disable your security device, or while you unplug the watch from the dock, it will mechanically flip in a selected mild. If reaching its fund stretch aim, a local Apple HomeKit might be integrated into the dock.

Totm+Travl Bluetooth Apple Watch Charging Dock Price

The team in the back of Totm+Travl has raised enough fund for the product on Kickstarter, but we can nevertheless pledge €59 (approx US$100) to preorder the Bluetooth Apple Watch charging dock. It’ll be shipped in December 2017.