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Timex Has Released A New Analogue Watch With Smart Functionality

American watchmaker Timex has recently launched the IQ+ Move fitness tracker, a smart timepiece that comes in a few different styles and sizes to appeal both men and women. It can carry out basic tracking functions, such as distance travelled, number of steps taken and calories burned, as well as it can track your sleep.

But it does have some smart features on top of that, with the capability of the connecting to your smartphone over Bluetooth and then sending the data that the fitness tracker has collected to a companion app.

Timex IQ+Move
Timex IQ+ Move

The IQ+ Move will be able to automatically sync data at up to 4 set times throughout the day, however, you can also simply glance at the sub-dial on the tracker to see data, but app will provide you with more information than what the dial can.

It is also capable of notifying you of incoming calls, messages, and social media alerts.

Other odds and ends include the fact that the IQ+ Move is water-resistant up to 50 meters (164 Feet), though it should be noted that the leather band is not waterproof. You can swap out bands if you’d like, with Timex offering a silicone band. Furthermore, the watch is broken up into two versions: a woman’s model, which comes out in a 37mm case with 18mm bands, and a men’s model, which increases the size to 41mm and 20mm bands. Even specifically, the men’s model is split into two versions: a traditional-looking analog watch and a sportier version.

Timex IQ+ Move fitness tracker Watch Price:

The Timex IQ+ Move will come in three styles for men and women. It’s now available for purchase on Best Buy stores and online for $149.00. Timex’s online store will also carry additional styles in the future, and straps that can be bought separately.