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Take your smartphone photography to next level with PHONESLINGER Smartphone Photography Bags

Cellphone images has developed quite a bit over the last numerous years way to our devices getting extra effective, which is seeing new solutions just like the ‘PHONESLINGER’ images luggage coming approximately. The bags are specially designed with telephone images in mind and provide enough space for the principle device, power banks, extra lenses and more to be stowed within. The bags may be attached onto your waist thanks to the integrated belt, which keeps the whole lot comfortable, ensures your equipment is continually within attain and prevents you from leaving whatever behind whilst stopping to snap a shot.

The ‘PHONESLINGER’ photography bags come as an evolution of the phone photography marketplace as consumers are seeking for out ways to keep their modern life-style via the use of aftermarket gadgets and accessories.

Phoneslinger Smartphone Bags Design

Designed for cellphone photographers and videographers, this collection capabilities bags that offer quick and clean access to your device. The functional PHONESLINGER bags allow you to attain in your innovative tool of desire whenever you want it.


Phoneslinger Smartphone Bags Features

The PHONESLINGER Power has an included Qi wi-fi power bank and your Qi wired-free charging well matched cellphone charges every time it’s within the bag. The PHONESLINGER prime holds up to four cellphone lenses and you can get right of entry to your cellphone and cell lenses in a second, the usage of handiest one hand. Moreover, PHONESLINGER outside is lightweight and rugged, providing a secure place for your phone while you’re out in nature. The FLOWBLET Modular Belt gadget can also keep your PHONESLINGER and several accessory baggage for a extra bendy smartphone images enjoy.

Phoneslinger Smartphone Bags Price

A full Power kit, which includes the Phoneslinger Power, Stuffbag, Prime Pouch and the Flowbelt will set you back $149. For more information and full pricing for all items have a look at the Phoneslinger Indiegogo page.