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Sony’s Xperia Ear Earbuds Will Finally Launch On December 13

Earlier this year, Sony has introduced a new product called the Xperia Ear at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Sony Xperia Ear was first released in Japan. And now it is making the way in the United States on December 13. The earbuds will cost $199.99 and will be available through Amazon at first, and then later at Fry’s, ABT, B&H, and other retailers. They only come in black.


The main draw of these headphones is Sony’s Voice Control. Which lets consumers use voice commands to directly interact with the device like checking the latest news headlines or their smartphone notifications. Sony says that consumers can customize their experience by specifying the info to be relayed at the beginning of the day, as well as which apps should give notifications.

Xperia Ear

The earbuds connect to a wearer’s phone through Bluetooth and NFC and are controlled through a companion Android app. Their selling point, or at least why Sony thinks you will want these earbuds over any other wireless options, is the company’s built-in voice assistant. Wearers can send a text through voice, get news updates, and check their calendar. They can also gesture to accept or ignore the phone calls. Now just get yourself a pair of high-waisted pants and you’re pretty much Joaquin Phoenix in Her.

The earbuds are physically compact and also lightweight (0.2 oz) as is the included charging case (1.37 oz.). Though Sony doesn’t specify how long it will take to recharge them. Xperia Ear only comes in black, but it does have IPX2 water protection.

Other notable features are include integrated proximity sensors, an accelerometer and a gyroscope which allows for motion-based commands and interactions. For instance, the Sony Xperia Ear can detect when it has been placed inside your ear and also enables for discrete head-based controls.