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The Sobro plays music, charges laptops and phones, plus conceals a small refrigerator

There are plenty of coffee tables, however wouldn’t it be cool if yours ought to do extra? As an instance, maybe it can serve you cold drinks, charge your iPhone and iPad, or even offer energy in your MacBook? Going even similarly, how might you want a hard and fast of Bluetooth speakers built into your smart table? If that sounds a ways-fetched, this new marketing campaign on Indiegogo may make a believer out of you.

The Sobro is a crowdfunded cooler / coffee table hybrid that offers a built-in speaker, chargers (two USB, two wall plugs), LED lights, and a minifridge that’s available on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. Obviously, this is a completely different product from a completely different company, but it doesn’t feel like the best start.


And that’s only one in all its many “cool” components. The Sobro’s tempered glass top doubles as a touch-sensitive interface that controls everything from the cooler’s temperature to the unit’s Bluetooth speakers and ambient underglow lighting fixtures.

With that touch display screen, you can manage Bluetooth, audio, lights, and drawer temperature right from the tabletop. It could even connect with your Bluetooth-enabled smart TV. Meaning you could pump the audio from your TV set right for your smart table. Take a tour of Sobro inside the video underneath.


  • Refrigerator drawer
  • Tempered glass tabletop
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Two power outlets
  • Bluetooth speakers for HDTV and phone audio
  • Costs $1,000 but Indiegogo lets you preorder for as low as $500
  • Available in September 2017

Sobro launched its Indiegogo campaign on March, 2017, and has already handed its US $50,000 initial funding purpose. Further plans, if the campaign raises sufficient investment, encompass presenting additional coloration alternatives past the white shown right here. You may reserve your very own Sobro table for as little as $500 plus delivery if you act fast. As soon as the Super Early Bird and Early Bird spots are gone, the Sobro prices $700 on Indiegogo.