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Send Faxes Without Optional Fax Kit Installed With New Samsung Remote Fax

Samsung Printing Solutions recently announced the availability of a new application that allows you to send and receive faxes via the Smart UX printers based on Android without the need to purchase additional kits or telephone lines PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Samsung Printing Solutions added this new app to its suite of apps for document workflow and printing, Remote Fax, a Samsung Smart UX-based app that enables users to send faxes with Samsung Smart MultiXpress series MFPs even when your optional Samsung fax kit is not installed.

With the release of this application, Samsung shows the intention to enter a market with great potential, where business customers will demand increasingly advanced products and solutions and affordable.


The new application enables multiple printing products to run fax functions using a single fax server and PSTN or fax kit.

A fax user interface is provides and keypad. Remote Fax also supports address books, fax server (email, FTP), and PC Fax, and provides fax reports. Remote Fax is the first paid app developed by Samsung on Smart UX platform and can be downloaded on the official website .

Senior Vice President of Printing Solutions Business at Samsung, David SW Song, said that ‘Samsung continues to exceed customers’ expectations in providing cost-effective, convenient printing products, The Remote Fax app will provide more office accessibility and efficiency.’

In simple words, The Remote Fax app means users do not need to install additional fax kits or Public Switched Telephone Network lines in order to equipped fax functions. This allows companies to reduce installation fees and better manage their Total Cost of Ownership.