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Samsung’s SmartThings Tracker uses the LTE-M network to locate wandering pets

South Korean electronics employer Samsung has released a beneficial device for people who frequently lose or misplace their valuables.

Samsung has introduced the advent of its new SmartThings Tracker, a lightweight GPS tool that could music things which can be attached to it through an LTE-M network. Via this tool, human beings can quick keep track in their most valued items, including backpacks, keys, puppy collars and many more.

As long as the Tracker is within variety of a mobile network, you will be capable of see its place at the Samsung SmartThings App, to be had for both iOS and Android LTE cellular devices. The LTE network coverage extends national, interior buildings in addition to outdoor.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Features

The Tracker has a energy button that can also be used to ship pre-configured notification indicators. as an example, you may set it up so a double button push sends an “I’m home” or “I’m prepared to be picked up” or “My flight simply landed” notification. The tracker can also ship an SOS sign if someone is in hassle.

Tracker location signals and signals are limited to customers with pre-configured shared get right of entry to to the SmartThings App, so, for instance, absolutely everyone with a scanner won’t recognise whilst your kid gets out of school.

If you’re on a run, hiking, traveling on a business trip, or out shopping, you can use the Smartthings Tracker to let family and friends know where you are, again via the SmartThings App and only to approved users.

The Tracker is IP68-rated water resistant and protected from dust. Samsung claims the Tracker can run for up to a week on a single battery charge, depending on how it’s used.

Geo-fencing, the ability to establish a location zone, is another versatile Tracker feature. When someone with the Tracker exits or enters a geo-fenced zone, the system can be configured to send a notification alert to the Smartthings App. The geo-fencing feature also can act as a proximity sensor to trigger other SmartThings devices, such as turning on lights as you get close to home.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Price

The SmartThings Tracker will be available through AT&T and with Verizon later in 2018. The AT&T price for the Tracker is $100 including the first year’s connectivity. Subsequent service costs $5 per month or $50 for a year.