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Samsung VR – Say Hello To Virtual World

Gear VR (Virtual Reality) is a device full of potential. It works! The screen resolution is almost good enough that you don’t constantly think about the headset you’re wearing! It’s light and easy to keep on for long periods.



It’s also a device still full of limitations. When you’re in Gear VR, you’re in Gear VR — no answering phone calls or looking at the internet or anything else you do with your phone. The list of software — right now — is insanely short. It only works with a single phone, and that phone is incredibly awesome. And it’s not exactly tiny: Gear VR comes with its own carrying case that doesn’t fit into any normal-sized bags. The Back to the Future 2 glasses these are not. That original Gear VR provided an exciting glimpse of the future, but after going through all the rigmarole required to use it for longer than 20 minutes or so without overheating, it was clear you were testing some early adopter gear. This was the biggest issue that Samsung needed to address with future versions.

With fully optimized graphics and you can play your games with your ‘Galaxy S6’ with more amazing way and improved computing.

Elusive Design

With the front cover gone and the body 22.4% smaller, Samsung Gear VR for S6 is easy to handle. The re-designed ergonomic strap means that the weight is distributed evenly for your comfort. Putting on the Samsung Gear VR for the first time is a really appealing effect one with the potential to someday revolutionize the way we interact with virtual worlds. Beyond that, however, it’s too limited to be of much use in the long term, unless you’re a developer aiming to create your own apps. That’s who this “Innovator Edition” is aimed at, so it might have been more clear for Samsung to just name this what it really is a developer kit.

Turn your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge into an unparalleled video watching or game-playing experience anytime, anywhere. Try it at home or bring it to a dinner party and steal the show. Simply snap a Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge into the headset, and dive into a superfluity of virtual reality experiences.

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