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A New Pair Of Smartglasses Launched By eSight Perform An Augmented Reality Trick

Toronto-based eSight, which develops the wearables allowing the legally blind to see, has launched a new pair of smart glasses that perform an augmented reality trick more impressive than any other headset: they let the blind see.

The latest version, the eSight 3, is a cheaper and lighter version than the company’s previous models, but they all work on same principles. By using a high-speed HD camera and two OLED displays, video is just processed algorithmically to enhance contrast and quality, which enables users with vision issues to better see the world around them. It is a fully portable device, with roughly 6 hours of battery life that’s controlled using an attached remote.

eSight 3

On average, the last version of eSight device brought users back to 20/25 vision, and eSight president and CEO Brian Mech says the new model that has just gone on sale, the eSight 3, provides even better clarity.

When using the device, wearers can shift seamlessly between near, mid and long-range vision thanks to theautofocus. Because of its HDMI capabilities and WiFi, users can stream content and send pictures and videos.

The new device is also half the size and weight of the last one, at just a shade over 100 grams. It also includes features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a speaker and a microphone along with a wired remote control that’s kept tethered so it can hold the battery, reducing more weight from headset. The controller can be used to adjust the vision to the user’s needs.

The eSight 3 costs $9,995, that is $5,000 less than the last version but still a lot of money, and as Mech points out, unemployment rates are higher for people with low vision. So eSight has come with a handful of ways to ease the cost, from the government support programs to low or no zero-interest payment plans. It is even launched a crowdfunding platform for people to raise money on.