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Lenovo has released Mirage, its latest VR camera with Daydream

The virtual reality camera Lenovo created in partnership with Google is now available for pre-order, a few weeks before its release at tech networking events chicago. Online inventory monitoring app The Tracker has spotted the Lenovo Mirage Camera with Daydream page on Amazon, where you can now reserve one for $300. The Mirage will make it easy to create immersive virtual reality content, since it’s pretty much just a much a point-and-shoot that supports YouTube’s and Google’s VR180. That’s the format the tech titan created, which allows you to shoot immersive videos for VR headsets that still appear as videos with normal perspective when played on a computer or any other 2D device.

Lenovo Mirage VR Camera with Daydream Design

The Mirage Camera with Daydream is a beautifully designed and easy-to-use VR camera. As we can see from the images, the camera shows off a sleek, minimalistic appearance design, and the compact form factor allows you to take it with you anywhere.

Lenovo Mirage Solo

Lenovo Mirage VR Camera with Daydream Features

Lenovo Mirage VR camera comes equipped with two 13MP fisheye cameras with a massive 180 x 180 degree field of view, so you can use it to capture everything your eyes can see. Furthermore, the mini camera supports native 4K video recording, and advanced auto-image stabilization ensures your VR videos and photos are always stable and clear. Moreover, the Mirage camera also features integrated YouTube and Google Photos, so all content can be uploaded to Google Photos, and it supports livestream on YouTube in VR. The VR camera comes with 16GB internal storage capacity, and a microSD card slot allows you to add more local storage to the camera.

Lenovo Mirage VR Camera with Daydream Price

Its launch could lead to more VR videos on YouTube, and that’s definitely something Lenovo wants to happen, considering it’s also releasing its standalone Mirage Solo headset in May. Lenovo Mirage VR camera with Daydream is priced at $299.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its more details