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KKA S1 electric skateboard fits for both on and off-road adventures

Experience in the adventure of riding a skateboard that seems like surfing and skiing with the KKA S1 advanced electric Skateboard. The KKA S1 is a unique, effortlessly controllable electric powered skateboard that everybody can enjoy. Using innovative mechanics, KKA S1 lets in you to carve, slide, waft or do a tic-tac at the pavement. Moreover, you may use KKA S1 on motorcycle lanes, country roads or metropolis streets for transportation. Further, its powerful, robust, long lasting and bendy capabilities permit for on and rancid-street maneuvers. Its rocker bridge shape allows hold balance and offers flexibility with a small turning radius. Additionally, the five-inch massive tire offers more fit with road surface in turns and stronger capability to conform to rough terrains. Likewise, the high bullet PU tire is appropriate for terrible street situations in addition to wear and corrosion resistant. Finally, the LED movement headlight and taillight make certain most reliable protection.

KKA S1 Electric Skateboard Design

The KKA S1 is a beautifully designed and effective electric powered skateboard that measures 101.5 x 34.5 x 18.8cm and weighs 13kg. As we can see from the picture, the eSkateboard sports a tough and rugged look layout, and the magnesium alloy frame and streamlined contours deliver a strong creation and minimalistic modern-day aesthetics.

KKA S1 Electric Skateboard

KKA S1 Electric Skateboard Features

The electric skateboard comes ready with 500W hub DC double motor and 36V/8.8Ah lithium battery on the way to supply a most pace of 35km/h and a max mileage of 40km on a complete single price, and it’s effective enough to deal with uphill angle 25 tiers. Moreover, the KKA S1 additionally has 4 5-inch excessive bullet PU tires which might be wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, and the use of its flexible suspension design, the electric skateboard suits for diverse terrains while hold walking easily in excessive speed.

Furthermore, its unique rocker bridge delivers a small turning radius for enhanced flexibility and stability. The KKA S1 also features front LED movement headlight and taillight for safety. Using a compact remote, you can effortlessly control the eSkateboard including reverse, brake and drive, and built-in Bluetooth technology even allows you to wirelessly connect it with your smartphone for remote control and showing you the status of your KKA S1.

KKA S1 Electric Skateboard Price

The team behind KKA S1 has achieved the fund goal for the product via Kickstarter, but we can still preorder the electric skateboard by pledging HK$6,010 (approx US$768). It will be shipped in March 2018.