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Hy Wireless Headphones Currently Raising Funds On Kickstarter

UK-based audio company Third Skin, unveiled a very unique pair of wireless headphones they have created which are not only equipped with an 18 hour battery life but also sits behind your ear making them almost hidden while being worn. “Hy” is aimed at eliminating the common problems we face on the day-to-day with our wearables. From chunky frames, to tangled wires, to muffled audio, and everything in between – Hy has got it handled.

Hy Wireless Headphones Design:

The Hy’s key feature is its patented wishbone-shaped speaker, that braces itself against the inner walls of your ear canal. It uses both the bone conduction and regular speaker tech to transmit sound, but product’s creators, Third Skin, promise that it leaves your natural hearing completely unimpeded. After all, there is nothing blocking up your ear — just a slim bend of plastic placed inside it.

hy headphones
Hy Wireless Headphones

Hy Wireless Headphones Features:

Using Bluetooth 4.0 with PurePath binaural interconnect technology, Hy wireless earbuds are able to communicate with your phone. This allows users to seamlessly listen to music and make calls. Third Skin advises their special design and technology does not block natural sound when music and calls aren’t in use. Though, it will activate high efficiency active noise-cancelling when they are. Paired with voice and external microphones, Third Skin promises high quality phone calls and a superb listening experience. These buds can also be worn while working out, as they are built with heart rate and body temperature sensors. Hy can also track head motions and track activity.

Hy Wireless Headphones Price:

For more information on the new Hy wireless headphones jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and to make a pledge from £119 for super earlybird backers. Allowing you to save 40% off the recommended retail price and receive one of the very first off the production line when Hy starts shipping during January 2018.