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HelloEar Arc Bluetooth Earbuds Is Custom Made To Perfectly Fit In Your Ear

HelloEar based in Seattle Washington have launched a new set of custom fit earphones. Which the company says that the other worlds most comfortable currently available. The HelloEar Arc custom fit earphones provide a true custom fit. Which has been created by using the first human ear database and standardised ear sizing chart, explain the HelloEar.

HelloEar Arc Bluetooth Earbuds Design:

The Arc is a pair of customizable and high-performance Bluetooth earbuds that weighs only 0.9 oz. And cable measures 3.9 ft long. This earbuds sport a sleek and elegant design, and the metallic accents add some premium modern aesthetics to the earbuds.

HelloEar Arc
HelloEar Arc

Meanwhile, the Arc’s patented AirBag structure provides comfortable wearing experience no matter how long you wear them for. And the patented Z Lock design keeps the earphones snugly in your ears no matter what activity or sport you take part in.

More importantly, the Arc is custom-made. Its uniquely designed ear recognition app helps you measure the dimension of your ears and suggest an ear size type for you.

HelloEar Arc Bluetooth Earbuds Features:

The Arc Bluetooth earbuds comes equipped with a professionally tuned armature speakers in order to possess a wider frequency range for more accurate and richer stereo audio.

Furthermore, in addition to built-in Bluetooth connectivity, using its unique adaptable design, the new Arc can be easily turned into wired earbuds with optional 3.5mm, USB-C or Lightning cable. So you do not worry about the Arc running out of juice.

Moreover, a built-in rechargeable battery offers 8 hours of wireless audio streaming. And stretch goal can help the Arc unlock an optional charging case that extends the battery life when you’re on the move.

HelloEar Arc Bluetooth Earbuds Price:

The crowdfunding campaign for the Arc is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $110 to preorder the custom Bluetooth earbuds. It’ll be shipped in March.