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Eve Motion Is A Wireless Motion Sensor That Has HomeKit Tech

Elgato has unveiled the latest product in its line, its latest addition to the line is Eve Motion — which, as the name clearly implies, brings motion detection to the family. This device runs off a pair of AA batteries, detecting motion within 120-degree field of view and 27-foot range. Once it spots movement, it activate or deactivate power outlets and can set different Home scenes in motion.

Eve Motion Design:

The Eve Motion is a small square-shaped accessory that can be put anywhere in your home, indoors or outdoors, it enables users to create individual HomeKit automations. If you’re looking to expand your HomeKit-enabled collection, Eve Motion might be of interest to you.

Elgato eve-motion
Eve Motion

Eve Motion Features:

It works in tandem with other HomeKit accessories, enabling you to create scenes that can be set off using the automatic triggers. When placed in an entry way, for example, Elgato’s Eve Motion can automatically turn on the lights and raise thermostat when it detects that you’ve entered the house. It works with Eve HomeKit app, Apple’s own Home app, and with the other HomeKit apps that support third-party accessories.

Eve Motion connects to a HomeKit setup by using Bluetooth and like the rest of Elgato’s products, it doesn’t require a bridge. It runs off of two replaceable AA batteries, so it does not need to be charged, and it has a 120 degree field of the view and a range of nine meters with a response time of two sec. An IPX3 water resistance means it’s resistant to small splashes of water and moisture, but it should not be outside in a torrential downpour.

Eve Motion Price:

The accessory is available now for $50 through Amazon and the Elgato’s store (and it’ll be hitting Apple’s stores soon) — a bit pricey for a standalone sensor. Probably a little much, and unless you’ve already got a number of devices that can utilize the functionality. The Motion joins a number of the existing Eve sensors set up to detect the things like temperature, humidity and air quality.