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Enjoy the beauty of space right at home with the Levimoon Levitating Moon Light

Now you could enjoy the superb glow of a full moon every night time from the consolation of your bedroom thanks to the Levimoon: the world’s First Levitating Moon light. This inspirational lunar light promises a soft and soothing glow. However, that’s simply part of the allure. The Levimoon really floats elegantly above the base. similarly, you can additionally alter the brightness in addition to the color of the lamp. It’s simple and beautiful and a cinch to apply. The Levimoon recharges wirelessly so you can use it as often as you need. The PLA fabric is robust and functions all of the unique markings of the real moon. Plus, the bottom is likewise made from walnut wooden for an additional touch of beauty. It’s ideal on your table, nightstand, or everywhere else you need to deliver a sense of tranquillity.

This real-time galactic moon replica illuminates like that vintage pizza pie within the sky we’re so acquainted with. You’ll be amazed by means of its celestial levitating impact. It hovers over the base and emits a soft adjustable glow, mimicking the real moon.


Levimoon recharges wirelessly and can levitate 24/7, so you can enjoy it day or night time as temper lighting fixtures or the most first-rate night light ever. select from heat yellow and cold white light.

Levimoon Levitating Moon Light Specs

Details & Requirements

Moon light diameter: 15cm
Levitating dock dimensions: 12.2cm x 12.2cm x 3cm
Moon light material: PLA
Base finish: walnut wood
Lighting color options: warm yellow and cold white
LED voltage: 0.1 Watt ~ 1.5 Watt
Working hours: 10-100 hours
Battery capacity: 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery


Moon light
AC adapter
Dock protector

Get the Levimoon for $199.99 from the Daily Dot store — reduced from the usual price of $289.