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Eclipse folding pocket knife stays in your pocket and helps you tackle various daily tasks

The majority would have room to hold a coin on them most of the time, but not necessarily a knife. San francisco’s Fulcrum knives has taken idea from those slender types of foreign money to provide you with a compact ordinary carry alternative that can be slipped into a jean pocket, and then flicked into action with one hand while the want arises.

The eclipse knife is probably small, however it’s without a doubt made up of 24 character components. Leading the charge is the wharncliffe-style blade crafted from heat-handled chrome steel. It features a pointy tip for piercing, a flat aspect for reducing and a shallow chisel grind for easy slicing.


Eclipse Coin Shaped Folding Pocket Knife Design

The new Eclipse is a uniquely designed and practical EDC folding pocket knife that weighs 1.1 oz and measures 1.8 inches diameter whilst closed. As we are able to see from the pics, the everyday knife sports an extremely compact and light-weight layout. Whilst folded, it seems like a coin so you can effects save it on your pockets, and an included key loop also allows you to attach it to your keychain for simpler wearing and get access to.

Eclipse Coin Shaped Folding Pocket Knife Features

The coin shaped folding knife comes equipped with a warmness handled 440c stainless steel blade that measures 0.7 inches lengthy, so it’s hard and durable sufficient to address various tasks, and it has splendid edge retention and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, a short, one-exceeded deployment makes it easier to prepare your cuts, at the same time as the ergonomic handle and a finger notch permit you to quite simply and firmly preserve it for your hand for your cutting venture, and the take care of is crafted from g10 FR-four fiberglass epoxy for a durable and lightweight design. In addition, its button lock maintains the blade securely in location when it’s opened or closed, so that you don’t fear approximately it coming open for your pocket on accident.

Eclipse Coin Shaped Folding Pocket Knife Price

The team behind Eclipse is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $39 to preorder the every day knife. It will be shipped in October 2018.