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Easily record videos using your smartphone with the SELDI 7-in-1 Wearable Video Rig

A new wearable video rig has been created through SELDI which supports every action cameras and phones and lets in you to get access to the vital capabilities while however recording motion images. The rig loops over the wearer’s head and rests on their shoulders, though the layout moreover allows it for use as a hand-held mount, to relaxation on surfaces like a tripod, and to cling from any item it could be looped over, along with a fence post.

SELDI 7-in-1 Wearable Video Rig Features

The SELDI video rig has seven modes for recording movies and ingesting content in your smartphone palms-free. It’s like minded with all smartphones in addition to GoPros, action cameras, 360°/ VR cameras and digital compact cameras. You may additionally mount other digicam add-ons at the SELDI that use 1/4″ – 20 mounts, together with lighting and microphones. Moreover, SELDI has six modes detailed for recording videos. Its wearable POV mode is the quality way to file first-individual POV movies together with your hone. Use SELDI as a mini tripod or stabilizer to lessen shakiness and enhance the fine of your films. change at hand grip mode to capture close-ups or hand held follow pictures whilst taking walks or strolling. Or, seize pans in addition to high or low angle shots. SELDI is likewise the best selfie stick for single or institution pictures. SELDI’s multi-mount mode gives you the ability you’ve been missing with the aid of allowing you to mount your digital camera precisely where you need to.


SELDI claims its 7-in-1 rig replaces 5 accessories: hand grip, mini tripod, selfie stick, stabilizer, and chest mount. a couple of hinges on every aspect of SELDI are key to its flexibility, permitting users to modify the digicam angle primarily based on need. By using doing so, SELDI’s rig offers six shooting “modes” General, which includes the 5 executed by way of the add-ons above, plus “multi-mount” mode, which involves placing the rig anywhere it could match, consisting of on top of a door frame.

SELDI 7-in-1 Wearable Video Rig Price

SELDI is providing numerous rewards to Kickstarter backers who’re inclined to fund the 7-in-1 wearable, including a tremendous-early-bird “Pro package” for pledges of at the least $77 USD. The Pro bundle consists of a body strap, GoPro mount, mini ball head, hand grip, telephone holder, smartphone GoPro adapter, super bolt, and the SELDI itself. however in case you still need more green than this, then the GoPro HERO6 Black Wearable digital camera is the simplest one which’s just right, launched at an entrepreneurship conference 2017 usa.