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Circadia Contactless Smart Sleep Tracker Accurately Monitors Your Sleep

Circadia launched what it calls the arena’s first entire solution designed to adjust your internal frame clock using light based on remarks out of your sleep. And using a custom smart therapy lamp, Circadia enables you improve your sleep and productivity. The hope is that the aggregate of those two devices will help you go to sleep quicker and wake up feeling more refreshed, with a bit of luck enhancing both your temper and your strength level.

Circadia Smart Sleep Tracker and Therapy Lamp Design

The Circadia is an advanced and versatile sleep tracking and improving system that consists of a smart sleep tracker and a smart lamp. The smart sleep tracker is designed to hang on the wall in your bedroom. Using built-in contactless sensing technology, it’s able to gather clinical grade sleep data, heart rate, breathing rate and body movement from up to 8-feet away when you sleep. Using the tracking data and learning algorithms, Circadia predicts your sleep stages, and it also analyzes your sleep environment including temperature, humidity, ambient light and sound.

Circadia Smart Sleep Tracker and Therapy Lamp

Circadia Smart Sleep Tracker and Therapy Lamp Features

The smart sleep tracker also features integrated wake up light and audible alarm. Based on your sleep data, the tracker wakes you up at right time with the dawn simulating light and your favorite wake up sounds such as your Spotify track, a radio station, birds chirping and more.

More importantly, the Circadia sleep tracking system also features a smart therapy lamp. Using multiple lighting modes, the smart lamp is designed to help you reduce morning grogginess and boost your performance throughout the day, and its Jet Lag mode helps you adjust your body clock after your travel.

Circadia Smart Sleep Tracker and Therapy Lamp Price

The crowdfunding campaign for Circadia is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $169 to preorder the smart sleep tracker and therapy lamp. The kit would be shipped in April 2018 if reaching its fund goal.