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Bragi Dash: With Excellent Design And Build Quality

Bragi wants to transform the world of smart headphones offering the “Dash”, truly wireless headphones that break new ground in terms of features and usability. Bragi dubbed the Dash as a ‘hearable’ given its ability to quantify your life, and CEO Nikolaj Hviid said that the ears provide a much more precise location from which to measure health data than the wrists.

The Dash ($299) would be truly wireless and waterproof Bluetooth headphones with a touch interface, fitness tracking, and even 4GB of onboard storage for completely untethered operation. Health tracking was a major feature; the Dash would track heart rate, training goals, oxygen saturation, and calories burned.

The outside half of each earbud is made from a slick and smooth plastic, while the inside consists of a grippier rubber. The rubber helps keep the earbuds in your ear, and it works.


The right and left earbuds communicate with each other using near-field magnetic induction, a technology that is borrowed from hearing aids like those made by partner Starkey. This eliminates latency and enables both earbuds to pipe out synchronous audio. To communicate with your phone, Dash relies on Bluetooth.

With its 23 embedded sensors, the Dash provides a hopeful glimpse at a smarter wearable future. Much like a wrist-worn wearable, Bragi paints the promise of a health aid, a fitness coach and a connected digital assistant all in one device.

When paired to your smartphone, the companion app allows you to tweak Dash’s settings and monitor your workouts and health data.

In addition to music listening, you can also use Dash to take calls. The earbuds come with a bone conduction microphone. To answer a call, you just simply nod your head. And if you are in the middle of a jam session, you can shake your head to send your caller straight to voicemail.