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Bonjour Is A Smart Alarm Clock Powered By AI

A new smart alarm clock has just landed on Kickstarter that wants to help you be on time and it’s called the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Bonjour clock does things other clocks are unable to do. The ability to coax you out of a deep sleep, and a nice design, as well as a clock face that you can read even in the darkest time of night. But it takes that the age-old functionality and adds some smart features. Like substantial speakers capable of the cranking your favorite Spotify playlist, the ability to integrate with the calendar for automatic alarm setting. And an integrated AI assistant that can make some smart choices in your favor.


Bonjour Features:

Bonjour has a human voice and speaks things to you. You can also use their voice to control the clock and settings such as alarms. This smart alarm clock interfaces with other smart tech allowing control over a Nest thermostat with your voice all with no apps is needed. Music can be controlled via voice commands.

You can also programme Bonjour to wake you up to one of your Spotify playlists. And activate a Philips Hue lighting configuration or wake you up early if traffic to work is particularly heavy. Any command you just want to carry out is done by speaking to the clock and then you will get natural, conversational feedback.

This clock can integrate with your health and fitness apps to suggest further activities. It’ll know if you haven’t reached your workout goal for the day and if it’s still sunny outside, it’ll suggest you go back out. There’s a chance some people would find being told what to do by an alarm clock slightly annoying.

Bonjour Price:

This is currently in the Kickstarter phase, with a target goal of $50,000. Backers can order a device for $99, and two for $189, with units expected to ship this June. If it eventually hits retail, Holi expects that the smart alarm clock will cost $249.