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Amazon Dash Wand Interacts With Other Alexa-Enabled Smart Home Devices

Amazon’s ultra-modern addition to both its Dash and Alexa families is the Amazon dash Wand. The Dash Wand is essentially a less complicated redesign and barely smaller of the unique and oft-forgotten Amazon dash voice-enabled barcode scanner: a 5.6 inch flat cylinder that’s half rubbery-black and half of gloss white.

Compared with previous Dash, Dash Wand took a huge step forward. Benefit from the ambitions Alexa voice service, this new smart barcode scanner will be a part of your smart home device system in addition to helping you reorder groceries.

Amazon Dash Wand Smart Barcode Scanner Design

Amazon Dash Wand measures 5.6×1.2×0.8 inches, weighs around 4.6 ounces. The compact and lightweight form factor allows you to effortlessly hold it in your hand. When not in use, its integrated loop and magnets let you hang it on the wall or attach it onto any metallic surface such as the fridge dash

Amazon Dash Wand Smart Barcode Scanner Features

The shopping helper comes equipped with an integrated barcode scanner, and it is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, means that you can scan the barcodes of your items, and its custom app will automatically add the items in your cart for a one-stop shopping experience.

Furthermore, the barcode scanner features a built-in microphone with Alexa support, so you can also ask it for adding items to your cart through your voice. Amazon Dash Wand also works with other Alexa enabled smart devices, which helps you search recipes, answer your questions, and remotely control other smart home devices.

Amazon Dash Wand Smart Barcode Scanner Price

Amazon dash Wand is available for essentially free for a limit time. You simply pay $20 for the smart barcode scanner with a $20 Amazon credit. If you are truely interested in this, jump to Amazon for its more information.