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8BitDo is announcing a pair of products that should make playing Gunstar Heroes a lot more enjoyable

8bitdo recently launched a wired-free controller and a Retro Receiver, and this time it went returned to the days of the Sega Genesis for idea. 8bitdo has revealed the M30 wired-free controller, that is modeled after the vintage six-button gamepads that have been created for the Sega Genesis and Mega power. if you’re whatever like me and you lately picked up a duplicate of Sega Genesis Classics on Nintendo transfer, this looks like an excellent controller to go together with it.

In case you’ve followed 8bitdo’s product launches at all, the drill by using now. The M30 can hook up with a number of systems – which include Windows, Mac, Android, and Nintendo transfer – via Bluetooth. It pulls idea from the six-button controller Sega launched for the Genesis and Mega drive in the mid-Nineteen Nineties, which succeeded the authentic 3-button gamepad as the platform’s pack.-in controller

Wireless Gamepad M30

Firstly, 8BitDo introduces the wireless gamepad M30, a tool that is inspired by Sega and stocks the layout in addition to the advent of the original Genesis. but, it boasts a few up to date upgrades: Bluetooth support, integrated domestic display, screenshot buttons, and a rapid feature. On pinnacle of all these cutting-edge features, a single rate of its battery is anticipated to final up to 20 hours of play time.

Similar to other 8BitDo controllers, M30 is compatible with gaming platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Android. Priced at $29.99, this wireless gamepad will be available in the market starting Feb. 28.

Retro Receiver Wireless Adapter

Secondly, the company has also made a new version of the Retro Receiver wireless adapter for those who still own an original, working Genesis. This small device, just like its older versions for the NES and SNES, allows users to use various wireless controllers with an old console, such as Xbox One controller, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch Pro controller, Wii U controller, and the like. This adapter, which costs $19.99, will also ship on Feb. 28 alongside the M30.

According to the report, the release dates of these two new 8BitDo wireless controllers have been strategically set for the upcoming launch of Mega Sg, the latest from the premium line of aftermarket game consoles by its sister company, Analogue.