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Apple iBooks StoryTime App For Apple TV

Apple introduced a new Apple iBooks StoryTime App for the children on Thursday. This app brings books to the platform and you can read them. This app is designed for children, which helps the children in learning and improving their reading skills. You can use this app to read books on your Apple TVs. Apple iBooks StoryTime promise to give families a “different way to experience classic kids books and discover new favorites.”



It has also an impressive interactive audio feature, called Read-Aloud feature. There’s the pre-recorded narration for the books. In some cases there is also sound effects and words are highlighted on screen they are read aloud. The pages of the book turn automatically as the narration moves forward as well as lets pages be flipped with the Siri remote’s touch pad. “With Read-Aloud narration and beautiful illustrations, every handpicked title in the app transforms the Apple TV.” Apple said.

There is also an option of Read-Aloud turn off, which turn off the audio and you can read them yourself.

Apple iBooks StoryTime App are not that many supported titles available at present, but the list included a few classic titles like,

  • Goodnight Moon
  • The Little Red Hen
  • Green eggs and Harm
  • Chicka Chicka ABC
  • The big brother Daniel
  • Meet Tracker
  • The ABCs of Cookie
  • Sophia the First
  • Grover
  • Cookie Monster

Apple is also offering users  a free download of Dora’s Big Buddy Race Read-Along Story book. Users can also purchase iBooks, whatever they like, and if their Apple TV has connected to their iCloud account, the titles will automatically appear on the app.When you purchase any Read-Aloud book by you and your family it will be appear in your iBook StoryTime library.

Apple iBooks StoryTime App is available for free on the tvOSApp store now. Install the app and enjoy the best reading experience which you never enjoy before.