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RX100 IV By Sony – Perfect High Quality

Sony RX100 IV is the 4th installment in what has become favorite compact camera series to everyone. The RX100 IV is likely to work astonishingly as an all purpose camera for about 90% of people. With the amendments since the ‘Sony RX100 III’ mainly based around shooting speed, video and EVF quality. The success has given Sony enough confidence to keep the RX100 IV looking and feeling pretty much as it did in 2012.


Characteristics & Lens

The Sony RX100 IV offers plenty of characteristics, some you mightn’t expect given its stature. On the more predictable side, it has Wi-Fi and NFC, letting you hook up the camera to a phone for image transfer and remote shutter control. It has a micro-USB slot, enabling you to use your phone charger or even a portable battery used to top-up your phone or tablet. The one weak point is battery life, which at 280 shots per charge is not too hot. Nevertheless, this is something that affects all cameras in this class.

It is a 24-70mm equivalent lens, which is perfect range for landscape shots, street photography and portraits. If you’re going on safari, you really need greater range, but it offers decent flexibility for most situations regardless. It is an high-end lens, and you can even choose the speed at which the zoom operates. This is handy for video.

This is also a very “bright” lens, with impressive maximum aperture just like the RX100 III. At 24mm you get max aperture of f/1.8, cutting back to f/2.8 further down the zoom.

Image & Video Quality

Actual image quality for stills is fairly comparable between the two generations, though. At ISO 100, we pulled an impressive 12.4EV out of the Sony RX100 IV in our labs tests, along with 3000l/ph detail. The Sony RX100 IV has a 1in 20-megapixel sensor, which is the same size characterized in all the other RX100 models. Nonetheless, its design has changed. Where the original RX100 had an FSI sensor, and the following two models BSI sensors, this one has a stacked CMOS design that moves the sensor’s circuitry behind the sensor’s area rather than at its edges. The Sony RX100 IV’s native ISO range is actually 125-12800, with the lowest ISO 80 and 100 settings in there as expanded ones.

The RX100 IV goes up to 4K res, recording at very high-quality 100-Mbps if you have a fast enough card to handle it. The camera actually tests for this, then disables this super-high quality setting if your card isn’t up to it. The Sony RX100 IV is also the new king of slow motion, able to shoot at up to 1,000-fps. At this speed you can shoot at 270 x 800 pixel resolution for four seconds, or at 1,136 x 384 for two seconds.

Final Decision

The Sony RX100 IV is the top new compact camera to save up for.

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