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PowerShot G5 X By Canon: Focus Your Way

Canon has also given the PowerShot G5 X a 3 inch 1,040,000 dot touch sensitive screen that is mounted on a vari angle hinge to make it easier to compose images in either upright or landscape format at high or low angles. The G5 X also has the same lens as the G7 X; a 4x zoom with a focal length range equivalent to 24-100mm. There is also a maximum aperture range of f/1.8-2.8, which guarantees reasonable control over depth of field.


The G5 X offers advanced exposure control with aperture priority, shutter priority and manual mode being available, as well as a collection of scene modes and automatic options. There is also stabilization built in to help produce sharp images as light levels fall.

The electronic viewfinder sits in the middle of the top plate and this gives the camera a mini DSLR like appearance. There is also a retro control arrangement with a ring around the lens along with dials on the front and back of the camera that can be used to adjust a range of settings.

The G5 X’s EVF is very good. It is more comfy to use than the unit in the Sony RX100 III and Sony RX100 IV and it does not have to be popped up and extended like theirs do, it is ready for use whenever you need it. There is even a helpful sensor that observes when the camera is held to the eye to fire up the viewfinder and turn off the main screen.

The G5 X’s screen supplies a clear view. It reacts rapidly as well to a touch and it is easy to adjust settings and swipe through images.

The G5 X rectifies this omission by adding a good quality electronic viewfinder. Even though it has a much in common with the G7 X and there is a similar lens ring along with a responsive touch screen, the new camera feels quite different, having a pronounced grip and a new control arrangement with an extra dial on the front.

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