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POS Technology Is Changing for the Better

It’s time to upgrade your POS system. Whether you’re a local storefront looking to add a new location or a major corporation that has successful operations all over the state, discover how the latest POS technology can help improve your customer service, streamline your reporting and lower your costs and commitments when it comes to credit card processing services. These are the merchant solutions you need to propel your business forward.

Clover 2 POS system

Modern Mobile Payment Options

A modern Point of Sale system needs to be lightweight and responsive to your needs. When you need to run transactions right where your customers are, turn to the Clover Flex. This small device is as convenient to hold and operate as a smartphone, but provides a receipt printer, swipe and chip card reader and contactless payment options. It’s flexible enough for your customer service and waitstaff to have at all times.

Use your Clover Flex to processes restaurant transactions right at the tableside. Or, if you have  a stylish clothing boutique, have your sales team walk through the store with your customers and organically pay for items as they fall in love.

Another great way to use mobile POS options is to speed up your store. Bulky, expensive systems require a significant investment, so many small businesses are forced to invest in just one POS. This can create large lines and dissatisfied customers. With a few Clover Flex POS systems, or other inexpensive, flexible devices, your sales team can dramatically reduce lines and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Intuitive Reporting Systems

At the end of the day, you need a POS that works with you. Older systems simply kept track of sales and gave you a lump sum. Or worse, they didn’t even keep track of your sales. Modern systems allow you to match the items sold with your pre-recorded inventory, easily create sales reports and even create projects based on current information.

Modern POS providers not only offer an intuitive computer interface for easy transactions, they also bundle the latest software for one-stop shopping. You won’t have to choose between elegant interfaces or reliable card processing software again.

Low Cost, Low Commitment Model

Finally, modern POS providers realize that steep prices for equipment and unfavorable contracts have been deterring many small businesses from making the switch. Instead, modern companies must offer even more competitive, no-comitment alternatives. When you work with the latest leaders in POS technology, you’ll receive competitive rates:

  • Free or low-cost equipment
  • No contract length
  • Reduced credit card rates
  • Approved the same day

Depending on the equipment and processing option you choose, you can shop for low-cost equipment, competitive rates or both. Whether you’re transferring from one processing system or starting fresh with the latest POS software, it’s surprisingly easy to learn and easy to teach your new employees.

Try out a modern POS system, like the new Clover Station, today to get on board with the future of sales. Start your company on the right foot or propel your already successful business ahead of the competition by creating lightning-fast, reliable and streamlined points of sales throughout your store.