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Plan Of Releasing WebOS AT CES 2016 By LG

LG declared that it will discharge another form of WebOS at CES that will be utilized on Smart TVs all through 2016. LG expressed that there will be three new key elements presented in WebOS 3.0: Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection and Magic Remote. The Magic Zoom highlight basically amplifies objects on the screen.


The Magic Mobile Connection programming permits you to associate with the TV utilizing the LG TV Plus application on cell phones and tablets. Once the savvy gadget and TV are associated, you can then get to portable applications on the TV screen. Enchantment Remote isn’t inexorably new to WebOS, yet it was moved up to bolster extra catches and to make controlling set top boxes less demanding. A few different elements are likewise persisted to WebOS 3.0. Including:

  • Channel Advisor
  • IoTV App
  • Multi View
  • Music Player App
  • My Channels and Live Menu

Despite the fact that it is pleasant to see better than ever programming discharged onto the business sector, it is intriguing to take note of that another WebOS 3.0 was discharged by HP in 2011. This was before LG acquired WebOS from HP and began utilizing it on the organization’s keen TVs.

It isn’t clear what number of elements have changed between HP’s 2011 WebOS and LG’s 2016 WebOS, and it might bring about some disarray for buyers attempting to figure out what is incorporated into WebOS. The main difference b/w in LG’s WebOS TV and ViewSonic’s VX2475Smhl 4K Monitor is that, LG’s TV has operating system but it completely gives the quality of ViewSonic’s VX2475Smhl.

We connected with LG to clear up the contrast between the two OSes, yet LG said they would need to hit us up. We hope to hear more from LG on the contrasts between these two working frameworks and extra points of interest on WebOS 3.0 closer to CES.