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NX500 By Samsung – Stunning Result


The NX500 has been recently revealed by Samsung with affordable rates with 16-50mm kit lens. THe NX500 inherits plenty of specialties from ‘Samsung NX1’, and the most technically impressive probably with APS-C compact system camera to date. With stunning images and a great AF system which makes the NX500 a far more interesting proposition than its harbinger, ‘the NX300.’ Nonetheless, NX500 is with no EVF, or method by which to add an external microphone, the NX500 is likely to be immediately ruled out by some of the more cost cautious for whom this camera might otherwise be perfect.


Functionality & AF System

The Samsung NX500 is an excellent performer in terms of pure burst-shooting performance. You get 9-fps with auto-focus, using the on-sensor phase-detection points. That is fast the Sony A5100 manages 6-fps, and even that is considered speedy. The Samsung NX500 will shoot at this speed for only 40 JPEG frames, or a mere five when shooting RAW files. The NX1 can shoot at a jaw-dropping 15fps thanks to its DRIMe V processor, while the NX500 is powered by a cut-down version of the DRIMe V. Still, it can hardly be described as being slow it is anything but. One of the characteristics that the Samsung NX500 snags wholesale from its most expensive brother is the AF system.

Thanks to the touchscreen, selecting a focus point is simple too. If you prefer a more traditional feel, nevertheless, you can use the D-pad to select focus. One of the smarter UI decisions Samsung makes here is to ensure any touchscreen controls sit alongside the physical options, rather than replacing them.

Image & Video Quality

It is capable of capturing stunning images; you would have to spend significantly more money to get something better. The Samsung NX500 offers a standard ISO range of 100-25600, with an extended 51200 “emergency” mode. It takes a fairly conservative approach to both color and metering, tending to slightly underexpose in cases of bright, cloudy skies that might be prone to clipping. Colors do not quite pop to the extent of, say, the Olympus rival even though tones were quite natural.

4K resolution quality is excellent, clearly outdoing that offered by the 1080p mode in our tests. The camera can shoot both broadcast 4K resolution at 24fps and UHD at 30 frames per seconds. Naturally, will also shoot 1080p at up to 60 frames per second, and has both slow and fast-motion modes too.

Final Conclusion

Great image quality and AF performance win out, but you need to put up with some pretty important omissions.

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