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Line Smart Speaker Will Compete With Amazon, Google

Back in 2016, the Japanese messaging giant Line announced that they are working on digital assistant and line smart speaker as well for providing the user a technology, which is able to talk. Fast forward to 2017, the company has just given more details about their smart speaker and digital assistant at its annual conference in Tokyo.

Line Smart Speaker Champ


The Line Smart Speaker Champ is quite similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, but the main highlight of that, its cuteness. The speaker looks cute and more attractive as compared to the other smart speakers, based on the company’s popular mascots: Brown the bear, and Sally the Chick. The company has confirmed that a plenty of these “casual and more portable” cartoon smart speaker will begin shipping in winter 2017.

The Champ speaker is powered by the Clova voice-assistant. With Line speaker, you can do all the same functions as you did with other smart speaker. The things you can do with this speaker including, you can play music, set alarms, make list, ask questions, and more.

Line Smart Speaker Wave

Line speaker wave

The company will also release its another flagship speaker, dubbed as the Wave, which will start shipping in this autumn in Japan and priced at ¥15,000 (roughly about $136). The Wave is also powered by the company’s voice –activated digital assistant Clova. So you can maintain calendars, get information from the web, do list, and control your smart home gadget. With Clova, you can engage in casual conversation as well.

Line Smart Display Face


The third Speaker will dubbed as the Line Smart Display Face, which is also powered by Clova. You might hear news about the newly announced Essential Home, which will come with built-in screen. The Line is also working on a third speaker, which comes with a built-in screen, like the Essential Home. The company has not given much detail about its third speaker, and did not tell how this will be used and how it will be work.