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Mercedes AMG 2017 C63 Coupe: Hi-Tech Hammer

AMG 2017 C63 Coupe beat its path to high functionality credibility with a hammer. The German speed shop’s first street car, the 355 hp 1987 Mercedes Benz AMG Hammer sedan, set the record for the world’s fastest production four-door at 178 mph, then set the pace for the subsequent 30 year parade of strident, tire shredding AMG brutes.


But as of late, more civilized cars and the use of all-wheel drive suggest that today’s AMG swings its hammer a little more softly in exchange for greater chassis control and amended traction.

2 turbochargers muffle the small displacement 4.0-liter V-8, and the exhaust ends in a quartet of peashooter tailpipes hidden behind the jumbo trapezoids in the rear bumper. Yet pin the throttle and this more proficient engine is almost as wild as the naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V-8 that it replaces.

Non-S C63 models make 469-hp and 479 lb ft still at the front of the pack, but you should pass on the upgraded S only if the extra eight to ten grand would bankrupt you. Beyond the extra power, the S version adds the option of carbon ceramic brake discs on the front axle and substitutes the mechanical limited slip differential with an electronically controlled unit.

AMG thirstily notices that the C63 coupe isn’t just a C63 sedan with 2 fewer doors. Engineers in Affalterbach gifted the coupe a shorter final drive ratio—3.06:1 in the 2 door versus 2.85:1 in the sedan for faster acceleration. The coupe also receives a unique rear suspension it is not shared with either the C63 sedan or the less powerful C class coupes. In pursuit of a more stiff assembly, AMG rearranged the upper links, substituted several bushings with ball joints, and widened the rear track by 1.7 inches compared with the AMG sedan.

The 2017 C63 is softer than the old coupe, but that is simply a relative description. The mostly steel body rides on steel springs and adaptive dampers that cannot pair the cushion of the ATS V’s magnetorheological dampers in Touring mode. The suspension occasionally chops at imperfections in the road, though it never feels rough.

The new Mercedes AMG C63 coupe may be more of a ball peen hammer than a long handled sleigh, but it is a hammer however.