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BMW M4 GTS 2016 – Shaded Style

BMW granted us a first look at an upcoming higher functionality version of the M4—the M4 GTS. Far from being another high powered derivative for collectors, this special edition is a real technology showcase. The M4 GTS specialty two industry firsts: a water injection system designed to sharply enhance power


In the case of the M4’s S55 twin turbocharged straight-six, maximum power rises from 425-hp at 5500 rpm to 493 horsepower, available at 6250 rpm. Maximum torque, which is 406 lb-ft on the regular M4, rises to 442 lb-ft, available from 4000 to 5500 rpm.

The unique water injection system cools down the intake temperature by allowing for an even higher boost pressure. We have explained the system in detail; the takeaway is that it enhances proficiency and high end power significantly.

The sprint from zero to 60 mph now takes 3.7 seconds instead of the regular M4’s 3.9. Top speed, which is limited to 155 mph on the M4, rises to a governed 189.5 mph on the GTS, as the press release notes meticulously. The M4 GTS comes with a 7 speed dual-clutch automatic only the regular model’s slick-shifting six-speed manual will not be offered.

The front camber setting is adjusted, too, along with the active rear differential. The M4 GTS rolls on 265/35R-19 rubber up front and 285/35R-20 in the rear; the wheels are called “666M.” Carbon-ceramic brakes are standard.

BMW has scrapped the M4’s aluminum front hood for a carbon-fiber unit; the costly material is also used for the adjustable rear wing, the rear diffuser, and the front splitter. A titanium exhaust system delivers a soundtrack that is highly emotional.

The list of equipment includes a roll bar and a fire extinguisher. It does not contain regrettably the carbon-fiber seats fitted in other markets. U.S. regulations require the installment of more conventional sports seats.

Even though the M4 GTS is designed for highly skilled drivers and ready for the track, it does include characteristics that most buyers prefer not to live without, such as electronic parking assist and navigation.

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